My Experience about Make My Trip . Com

I had booked ticket from Pune-Mumbai-Singapore and return ticket from Singapore-Mumbai-12hrsHalt-Pune. Return ticket it ineary was overlooked by me and Messmytrip was determine to mess it right from here. When I realized this i called them to enquiry about it, and express my desire to cancel ticket but messmytrip mess it by suggesting to cancel from Singapore JetAirways.

When i came to Singapore and enquiry with Jetairways they kindly informed me that you won't get any refund on this purely because you have completed partial journey.They were sure this couldn't be refunded but they advise to get in touch with Messing starts here, First there toll free never works (1-800-11 8747), only number works is Airtel number and gurgoan number. It took one-two days to discover this. When I called them first time customer care(less) agent said the ticket could be cancelled with some amount of refund. I was happy. But some reason my call got disconnected and i thought the cancellation process initiated, all should be fine. Second day I called them and i got another Customer care(less) agent, Now he started with that he needed my credit-card last four digit(on back side). After 5 min not sure what happened, he said this ticket cannot be cancelled and gave same reason which Jet airways gave. I said I fully agree with has been said then why it was not intimated to me earlier. No proper explaination on this. Fine with me do i at least understand why no one is taking responsibility to reply to the email.Same cheap explaination. I got fed up with them and finally after wasting some 500 Rupees for phone call from Singapore left with frustration i left my hopes. During this conversion i asked do i know who is founder of this company, he said he can't tell that LOL. can't stop laughing.If you could read in between the lines everytime customer care(less) has given different explaination and justification, which I feel is quite scary thing to deal with.

Whole idea is if you book any airline ticket online/through phone do with Extra care. Please do think twice before doing any busines with You might have had similiar experience with online/telephonic transcation. I though i share my experience. I have send repeated mails to them however i have yet to get acknowledge email.

- Preetam

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