Navin m Prabhakar's new 'pehchaan'

The man who made the words ‘pehchaan kaun’ an integral part of the Indian comedy scene is all agog about his new album, which will feature songs, karaoke tracks and a stand-up act.

Ask comedian Navin Prabhakar why he chose to cut an album now and he says, “I was always interested in singing. In fact, I have sung for various shows in India and abroad and hoped to cut an album some day. So here it is!”

So, will this love for singing mean that comedy takes a backseat? Says Prabhakar, “While I enjoy singing, comedy is my mainstay and I can never ever keep it as a fringe activity.” So where does he get this sense of humour from – something that’s seen even in his music album? “My father. Any funny act comes from what we see and hear. My father has a great sense of humour and I guess what I do, came from observing him. I also try to see the funny side of life. Like my take on bar girls – it was never meant to be offensive, it was just seeing the lighter side of their life,” he says matter-of-factly.

Since Navin Prabhakar is scaling those heights, it is only a matter of time before he gets the film offers. So when will he take the plunge? Says Navin, “I have, in a way – in a Marathi film called No Problem. Very few people know that I am a Maharashtrian.” And what about Bollywood? To this he says, “I have got offers, but I do not want to do any film just for the heck of it. Even if it’s a comedy, it should be a meaty role.” Ask him who are his favourite comedians and he says, “There are many, but Johnny Lever is my favourite. Apart from him, I also like Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav.”

With many lead stars doing comedy, does he feel threatened that comedy stars may not get their due? Says Navin, “Talent counts. It should not matter who does the role. Look at Akshay Kumar, he was once known as an action hero and today he does comedy with equal flair. Even Shah Rukh Khan was never known as a muscleman, but today his six-pack abs are making news. Whoever performs well, gets his or her due."

Ask him about the new arenas he plans to explore, like he’s done with singing, and Navin says, “Theatre excites me. It is one thing that I would love to do but have not yet done. When I have time I will definitely do it.” So how does he take out time for his family? “It’s tough. But I spend quality time with my wife and kids. My kids love the fact that I am a stand up comedian and it warms my heart to see their little friends come up to me and ask for autographs!”

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