Popular Marathi Singer, Milind Ingle joins K for Kishore..

A surprise in store for viewers this week in K for Kishore, as the famous Marathi singer Milind Ingle joins the show as a celebrity contestant...

There is a big surprise in store for viewers of K for Kishore. The show which is a big hit with all Kishore Kumar fans has now inspired a singer to join the show as a celebrity contestant! The singer in question is popular Marathi singer – Milind Ingle. What could possibly make a popular singer take part in a reality show?

A household name in Maharashtrian homes, Milind says the reason he decided to join the show is not to ape Kishoreda's style of singing but to sing keeping in mind Kishoreda's style of portraying emotions in his singing. Says Milind, "From childhood I have been a great fan of Kishore Kumar. I have never had the opportunity to meet him in person but yet I consider him to be my guru."

Milind is a multi-talented singer. "I have always sung my own compositions at my performances. And on K for Kishore too I am going to sing my own compositions, sung in my own voice but in Kishore da's style. I look at it as an opportunity to dedicate the songs to him. I think the show is not looking for an imitation of Kishore Kumar's voice but a talented singer who can sing as good as Kishore Kumar!"

With that interpretation, Milind has not only given a whole new meaning to the show but an incentive to viewers to watch the show with renewed enthusiasm. Viewers are going to love this new entrant .

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