Mumbai Amchich: Who's Mumbai is it?

Prachi Jawadekar WaghTuesday, January 8, 2008: (Mumbai):

Mumbai Amchich is one Marathi film that could not just renew the debate on who is a true Mumbaikar but also whether cinema is being used as a political tool.

In the film a police officer quits the force to tackle a syndicate of politicians and businessman who are trying to run the Marathis out of his city. Although the plot is said to be fictional, the events and characters shown find echo in real life.

In keeping with its vitriolic theme several negative characters are played by non-Maharashtrians.Despite this, the filmmaker claims his message is not one of exclusion.

"The Government says this and we are only saying the same thing that people who have already come are part of us now but the train loads of people who are coming should not come," said Sharad Bansode, actor, director and producer.

But it's a message that didn't find it easy going with the censors. The Censor Board saw the film four times but refused to give it a certificate.

The main reason being that they felt the film brands all non-Maharashtrians as being against Mumbai and that the movie may do little good for a city it claims to reclaim.

But finally after three more viewings from the tribunal the film got the green light.While his views closely resemble those of parties like the Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray's party neither party has agreed to come forward and support his movie so far.

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